The Law, Regarding Salvage Title Cars

In case you’re selling a car (Clear title or not), keep in mind: It’s considered FRAUD if you withhold information about a vehicle’s previous damage, or the fact that it had, at one point, a Salvaged Title. Because of this, states will re-brand the Salvage Titles to Rebuilt Title or Reconstructed Title; to show that a vehicle has been repaired from a Salvaged Title. So, when you’re dealing with a Rebuilt Title or Reconstructed Title, make sure that the seller can demonstrate how the car was repaired.

In some states, the [previously] Salvage Title car will need to go through an inspection with the State Patrol before it is issues a Reconstructed or Rebuilt title. Other states simply require that you show receipts stating that you bought the proper parts and that the car was repaired, and then the DMV will issue a Rebuilt Title brand to the previously Salvaged Title car.

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